Sunday, 29 Jul 2012

Pemerintah masih melakukan renegosiasi dengan PT. Freeport Indonesia. Targetnya, akhir tahun ini selesai …

Sunday, 25 Sep 2011

Selama ini masalah komersialisasi dianggap menjadi penghambat penggunaan energi baru dan terbarukan. …

pak satya2.1http://www.satyayudha.com/energy-subsidies-in-the-2012-state-budget-plan-2/
Thursday, 25 Aug 2011

The government has once again promised to allocate a budget subsidy of a quite fantastic amount. But such a huge budget will mean nothing if it cannot be fully enjoyed by low-income people. …

5 Juli 2011_RDP Kom VII dg MenESDMhttp://www.satyayudha.com/435/
Tuesday, 05 Jul 2011

In case of revision of the contract, it is not a matter of period, but it has to look at a certain point that could be revised fairly. …

Panel 1 low reshttp://www.satyayudha.com/seeking-low-carbon-energy-security-for-asia-pacific/
Monday, 18 Apr 2011

As energy security for the Asia-Pacific’s hungry economies gains importance, so does securing climate stability. Using natural gas as a bridge to a lower-carbon future is one point energy industry leaders and environmental advocates agree on.

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