House Discloses Complaints from Entrepreneurs in Relation to Energy, Mineral Sector Investments

JAKARTA  -  The House of Representatives appealed to the government, especially the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as a regulator which poses a lot of problems for stakeholders.

This was revealed by the House of Representatives Commission VII during a Working Meeting with the ranks of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

“According to us there are eight regulations which in the implementation get a lot of protests. Permen [Minister Regulation] No. 6/2017, Permen 7/2017, Permen 10/2017, Permen 11/2017, Permen 12/2017, Permen 19/2017, Permen 42/2017, Permen 43/2017,” said Deputy Chairman of House Commission VII Satya Widya Yudha at Senayan Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/6/2017).

In addition, the House of Representatives also confirmed to re-evaluate all regulations that inhibit investment in the country.

“Commission VII asks the Minister to evaluate all regulations in order to be friendly to investors and not to contradict the higher regulation, in line with the direction of the President,” he said.

Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 6/2017 is on Mineral Export Permit Requirements, Regulation No. 7/2017 is on Principles of Power Sale and Purchase Agreement, Regulation No. 11/2017 on Gas Supply for Electricity, and Regulation No. 12/2017 on the Ceiling Price of Power Purchase from Renewable Energy.