SKK Migas: Oil Lifting This Year does not reach the Target

KATADATA – The Head of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas), Amien Sunaryadi, predicted that the lifting target of oil this year would not be achieved. This is because several fields are having problems that the productions are interrupted.

He then calculated that the lifting till the end of the year is at 812 thousand barrels per day. However, the target in the revised state budget plan 2015 is at 825 thousand barrels per day. Thus, the lifting achievement in this year is lower by 1.6% than the targeted one. “Now we know that we won’t reach the target,” said Amien during the meeting with the Commission VII of the Parliament in Jakarta, Wednesday (26/8).

Amien also said that the realization of the lifting up until last July was at 756 thousand barrels per day. There are several factors that make the lifting target not achievable. “In all fields there are unplanned shutdowns,” said Amien. For example, there can be sudden pipe leak that hinders the production.

The fall in the production is also experienced by PT Pertamina Upstream Energy (PHE). The Main Director of PHE, Gunung Sardjono Hadi, is pessimist that the lifting target this year, which is 65 thousand oil barrels per day (BOEPD). The reason for this is because of the delay in some projects. “But over all, we are still optimistic (about the realization) to be above 95% for gas, and 97% for oil from the target for this year,” said the Director.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief of the Commission VII of the Parliament, Satya Widya Yudha, still asks the SKK Migas to increase the oil lifting this year. One of the things that can be done is to keep the production from Cepu block. The consideration here is that the block that is operated by ExxonMobil has greatly contributed in the national oil and gas production.

“Our hope is that by 812 barrels per day, it can be increased. And we need to monitor as tight as possible in the Banyu Urip Field (Cepu) so that there will be no problems like before,” said Satya.

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